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Fash-Friday Fave Hotspots

Along with many other Brits, I adore the entirety of London. The enigmatic vibes, its variety of content, the eclectic styles of its people and businesses... it's safe to say I've become insatiable for the city!
As hard as it was to narrow down, here are some of my visiting musts:

1. - Carnaby Street

A mere lane away from the créme de la créme of the high street, Carnaby Street creates the best of both the shopping worlds - maintaining a mix of upmarket well-known brands with exquisite independent outlets. The bustle of a flurry of commuters and beauty in its architectural detail results in an electric atmosphere - If I had my way, I would never leave!

2. - Spitalfield Market


Having been blessed with the opportunity to work here, I've got to know the area really well (i.e. rootle through the clothes of every single store and stall) - The market has such a unique cultural mix, selling Ganesh rugs to Kate Moss vests, there is truly something for everyone here! I just adore the endless stream of vintage 50s dresses, and the vinyl record fairs every weekend!

3. - Camden Town

Camden is truly the life and soul of the party we call London! It's where we see the biggest amalgamation of personal taste, ranging from mainstream to independent. You could easily spend a whole day lost in the labyrinth of stalls and the abyss of clothes! My personal favourite touch is the food market of the world - where else can you have an ethiopian meal followed by freshly made churros?! 


  1. I love everywhere you've chosen here, they're my favourites too! Spitalfields is so underrated, love it there xo


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  4. Man, I'd love to visit London. All of these places look FANTASTIC!

    xo Ashley